Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions people most frequently ask about us and our work.  If your question isn't here, or this page isn't helpful to you in any way, you can get in contact with us through our Contact Page Here

Does it hurt?
Yes, but very little.  Piercings are comparable at worst to a doctor's needle.  They take about one quarter of a second.  The temporary discomfort will only last a very short time.

Should I watch YouTube to see what to expect?
NO, NO, NO. We have reviewed most of the Youtube videos, and they scare the hell out of us, most of these piercings are not professionally done and you should not gauge these videos on what to expect from us!

What type of metals do you use for your body jewelry?
Tribal Expression only uses the best implant grade metals in all of our jewelry.  Like:
316L  Stainless Steel ASTM:F-138
316LVM Implant Stainless Steel ASTM:F-138
Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM:F-136
14kt Nickle Free Gold
950 Platinum
Implant Grade Polymer ISO 10993.

Will it bleed?
Maybe.  Most piercers do piercings with needles that are larger than the jewelry used, to make it easier for the piercer.  Usually this is the cause of alot of bleeding in piercings.  Our piercers, however, do not do this.  Our needle size matches the jewelry size.  Most piercings done by us will not bleed.  But, there are a few exceptions, depending on piercing gauge and your own anatomy.

What kind of sterilization do you use?
Only the best.  All the tools, needles, and jewelry used in our piercings are individually sterilized for each appointment using Statim High Speed Autoclaves.  Our autoclaves are spore tested every month, and certified by an approved outside lab.  Anything that needs to be stored, is stored in Germicidal UV Cabinets.

Do you do tattoos?
No, But we own Tiki Town Tattoo (right next door), though we offer a range of services including, piercing, branding, scarification (a.k.a. "Traditional Tattooing"), tattoo removal, custom jewelry manufacturing, and wholesale jewelry sales, but not tattooing.

Do you use piercing guns?
Absolutely not.  We only use needles.  Under no circumstances will we ever use a piercing gun.  Do not ask us, we won't do it.  For more information check out our Guns vs. Needles document at our Information Page.

Can I use the jewelry I bought somewhere else to get a piercing from you?
No.  It is a Canadian Federal Health Guideline that we know the metal content of the jewelry being used.  Therefore, we cannot verify the metal content of any jewelry that we did not make or sell, so we will not use it.  A downloadable copy of the guidelines can be found on our site on our Information Page.

Can I book appointments online?
Yes!  You can book piercing appointments through our Online Booking System.  Start by clicking on one of the days in the calendar on the right hand side of the page.  Note that this feature is for piercings and consultations only.  If you would like to come in for us to have a look at your piericing, or trouble shooting, please book an appointment as we are crazy busy, if you don't you may end up waiting awhile.

I'd like to book my piercing appointment online, but the piercing I want is not in the list, can I just select something else and come in for what I want?
No. The list is generated based on which piercer is working that day.  If a piercer is unable to do a certain piercing, it will not be available on the days they work.  We will not honor appointments booked online where the piercing selected is not what you are looking to get. If you are unsure please call the shop, @ 403-210-2442

Do you have any specials or discounts?
Yes.  We offer a 10% discount on jewelry with a piercing for all post secondary students that present a valid School ID at time of purchase.  Also there is a coupon online that you can print out and bring in for a 10% jewelry discount.  It can be found Here.
Tribal expression is also a body jewelry manufacturer, make sure to ask about "factory seconds" as we severely discount these items.  These items may just have a slight blemish.

Is there somewhere online that I can view piercing aftercare information?
Yes.  Using the username and password we give you at the time of your piercing (at the bottom of your receipt) you can log in at our Information Page.

When Can I Down Size my New piercing?
You must wait until the piercing is fully healed, by dowsizing a piercing before it is healed can cause re-inflamation and/or set-back the healing.

How can I become a piercing Apprentice at Tribal?
See our piercing apprentice Page :)

What do I do if I notice the piercing is Red / Swollen, or Uncomfortable?
Please give us a call or stop by the shop to have one of our staff look at it.

What type of identification is acceptable for my appointment?
Any Goverment issued PHOTO Identifaction, drivers license, passport, gun license.
We do not accept School ID, Birth Certificates, etc.

If my parents are coming in to sign my release form, what do they need to bring?
They will need Goverment Issued Photo Identification, as well as some form of identification for you, to prove that you are theirs :)

Why is the price for the lobes piercing different than when I had my child's lobes done?
We allot more time for our younger clients to ensure their experience is a positive one, as it can take a longer time and more finesse when piercing our young customers.
When are you open and where are you located?
Our store hours, address, phone number, and a map to our location can be found on our Contact Page.  There's even a form for you to send us a message online.




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